Introduction to 4MAT

The 4MAT Model of Instruction

A general introduction to The 4MAT Model.

Perceiving and Processing

How We Perceive

The ways we take in and then make sense of new things has a profound influence on how we learn.

Different Types of Learners

Learning Style Characteristics

Our preferences with regard to perceiving and processing help to form our learning styles.

Right Brain/Left Brain

The Right-and Left-Mode Overlay on the Four Quadrants

There are also differences in the way we use our brains in terms of how we approach and process new information. These differences can be taken into account when delivering instruction.
A Cycle of Instruction

Moving Around the Cycle

The movement around the 4MAT cycle represents the learning process itself.
It is a movement from experiencing,
to reflecting,
to conceptualizing,
to tinkering and problem-solving,
to integrating new learning with the self.
The Model in Action: Example Lessons


This model can be used in any teaching/learning setting from K through Corporate.